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BOOK INFORMATION TITLE – Role Play SERIES (& Book #) – Stand-alone novel AUTHOR – A.R. Von GENRE – Taboo/Erotic romance PUBLICATION DATE – 6/2016 LENGTH (#Pages/# Words) – over 70k words PUBLIS…

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Reap What You Sow by A.R. Von Review

Diane Riggins

Disclaimer: I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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TITLE– Reap What You Sow
SERIES(& Book #) – (Reap Book 1) (each book is a stand-alone read)
GENRE– Paranormal romance
PUBLICATION DATE– November 10, 2015
LENGTH(#Pages/# Words) – 168 pages/32.330 words
PUBLISHER– Dream Z Dragon Publishing
COVER ARTIST – Wicked Muse Productions

Reap What You Sow.jpg 2BOOK SYNOPSIS

Isolated her whole life, talking only to the animals only she can communicate with, Melanie’s life changes dramatically when she meets Tim. Little does she know that Tim has secrets of his own. He understands her pain, because as a Reaper, he often delivers pain to others. But Melanie is different, and she makes him long for things that a Reaper shouldn’t…like love.

My Review

It was a great read. I like the characters and world that A.R…

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Role Play by A.R. Von Blog Blitz

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TITLE –  Role Play


GENRE – Taboo/Erotic romance


LENGTH – over 70k words


PUBLISHER – Dream Z Dragon Publishing


COVER ARTIST – Wicked Muse


An erotic, fun, taboo novel by A.R. Von

Any relationship worth its weight, takes work, patience, communication and so much more. It also pays to pay attention to what makes your partner happy. After all, a happy partner, a happy you!
Tempest wants to make her boyfriend, Ryan, a very happy man this coming holiday. She has big plans for a big surprise that she hopes will curl his toes, make him feel things he’s not yet felt and burn a permanent etching into his memory forever.

Ryan is in deep with Tempest. He still has secrets he’s yet to reveal to her. They will all be revealed in time…

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